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More Cyber Tips – Mock Sites (3)

To know if a site is real or some concoction created by one who is earning bags of coin off of the ads on the page, check it.  Find out if it is real.

Real sites can be sued.

If the BBC or New York Times published  lies about you, well you hire a lawyer, sue them.  But these crap sites can’t be sued, because they don’t exist.  

Take a glance at ‘Fake Sites’ on Wikipedia to whet your appetite.  Then, when someone posts something on Facebook, you’ll be a bit more alert to the fact it’s rubbish.

Once you know what to look for, when there is no real address for the news agency, when you never heard of it or it is a clone or copy of a real site, although the logo is a bit skewered, you won’t believe the rubbish its publishes.

And won’t embarrass yourself.


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