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More Cyber Tips – Catch the Tricks – 1

I am using Hubpages as an example because it is very easy to catch their scams.

Users who joined years ago and posted items which got hits; (and getting 1k hits was no biggie in those days),  suddenly found, if they didn’t log in every day, an article of theirs would be ‘unfeatured’.

They would ponder what was wrong with it.   This is because the form email was not at all specific.

The writer would log on to Hubpages, edit the article, repost it.   It would be up a day or so,  then they’d get that standard email again..

The User might try to fix it again.

The point of all this was to get users logging on every day so that Hubpages could claim to have thousands of views every day.  

In this way the advertisers would be pleased.


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