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More Cyber Tips – Bigots Abound

Many people who hold racist, anti-Semitic, anti-Islamic, anti-woman views lavish on writing sites and, of course, social media.  

They are there, not merely to exercise ‘free speech’  they are there to pull your tongue.   They are there to fill their empty lives with your responses.

They can respond 24/7 because they have no life.  

On writing sites, where they are paid for views, they can make the bag by you, yes, you!   You respond to their rubbish, and they will keep you going, response after response and fill their pockets.

On social media, they fill their lives with your reactions.

Do not play their game.  

Ignore their articles.  Do not read them.  On social media, block.

If you want to report them,  you might be walking into a trap.  Many of those who run sites are bigots and agree with the poster.   Better to find an outside agency which deals with hate speech to deal with them.

Never read, respond to Bigots online.


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