Many Waking Up & Doing Their Own Research

At 10:10 pm, Tuesday night, I decided to watch some YouTube videos, seeking something interesting. The first two videos are about the Trumps, and the third video is about celebrities getting certain tattoos as a form of branding. All three videos make sense to a certain extent.

#1 Melania Trump Tells Her Staff Not to Get Flu Vaccines

Melania Trump tells her staff at the White House not to take flu vaccines. She even refuses to give the flu vaccine to her son. She appears to be doing her research, and not following the Zionist media as they are forcing the public to take the flu vaccine.

I think this is interesting, especially after all the hoopla every fall and winter in the media trying to force the public to get their flu vaccines. 

I wonder how many of the celebrities will get their flu vaccines.

#2 “Humans About To Break Free From The Matrix”

I thought this video has interesting information, although I was never into Keanu Reeves and his movies. I don't think I even watched the movie, The Matrix.  I hope it is true, but who knows, and I agree that more and more people have been waking up to the truth recently, I think partly because of the incessantly annoying false flags and crisis actors that helped make things even more obvious. 


Many celebrities have “a star” or “stars” tattoos as a form of Illuminati branding, which brands them as MK-Ultra Mind Control slaves to their master. That is basically how they get paid because most suck at acting. The job is mostly personality and promotions, as well as maybe modeling a particular idea to the public.

What do you think?

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Written by Fifi Leigh

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