Leveraging iOS Platform Advancements to Grow Your Online Commerce

Modern commerce has come a long way from mere physical storefronts to eCommerce channels and now to tappable mobile apps. Collectively, technology and varied digital platforms have taken over the retail business to a great extent, with no signs of slowing down in the future as well.

Amongst different digital platforms available, mobile platforms are showing a lot of splurge in terms of its usage. Today’s consumers are spending more than half of their time on their respective mobile devices.

Working together, contactless connectivity and secure mobile platforms can bring a high tide in regards to your online business. Along with complete ease of users, mobile technology is also opening up an immense level of growth opportunities in the retail industry.

Two major players ruling the mobile market: ‘Android’ and ‘iOS’. Both of these platforms hold a significant position in the market while forecasting an upward swing in their adoption. In this piece of writing, I shall be covering the compelling benefits involved in mobile app development and some major considerations to make before implementing the idea iOS app development in a real-time environment.

Having to mention, some of the benefits involved in the process to wrought your online commerce site into a mobile app are:

  • Allows you to deliver more value to customers,
  • A wider audience reach,
  • Helps you to be at an arm’s length of users without leaving their comfort zone,
  • Tremendously boosts profits due to ease of access to your services.

Apparently, the aforesaid words seem alluring to us and we shall be reaching out to an idea of hiring an iOS developer and setting up mobile app now.

If we succeed to build well-designed mobile apps, we can definitely bring a rich and consistent user experience for both online and in-store environment, while forming a strong bond between our brand and end users.

Though it is recommended and beneficial still there is always a lot to take care of right from conceptualizing the idea of building a mobile app. Let’s delve more into it below.

1. Analyzing the target audience

Being a rational eCommerce player, you should not end up with a brilliant idea of a mobile app; when there is no one to access it. Simply developing and launching your iOS app on the App store doesn’t guarantee success; you need to know your audience.

The sole idea of launching your business app is to want people to download it. And if you wish them to download it, make sure that they need what you are offering.

Conduct thorough research, before/through/after the mobile app development process to ensure a complete success.

2. Hiring a team

Once you have evaluated all the pros and cons of setting up a mobile app then you need to look for technical expertise.

Although, you can develop an iOS app on your own as well while using any development tool available in the market. Still, to achieve a custom iOS app development, you need to have a sound knowledge of its supportive languages i.e. SWIFT, etc.

Syntactically, coding with Swift is much easier than Objective C but you need to be sure of its accuracy and efficiency in implementation (if don’t have any technical experience).

Hiring a team or iOS experts will definitely be of great help while aiming to develop a successful and profitable App.

3. Great UX

User-experience is a vital aspect in the digital world as the end users are not able to touch or try your products/services. So, we need to look for all possible technological advancements and other design/development elements to ensure an engaging purchase journey for users.

Easy navigation, secure payments, trimming irrelevant content of the website in the mobile app, fast-loading pages, displaying a progress bar while checking out, multiple payment options, etc. are amongst some of the best practices to follow while putting your consumers at a complete comfort.

With this, we have come to an end of this writing and I would like to conclude that choosing a mobile app development for your eCommerce offerings is a great choice to make.

Undoubtedly, the convenience level of mobile technology coupled with rapidly evolving technology shall definitely help you to place your business on the forefront of the retail industry. But you always need to make sure that you are following a well-planned strategy to ensure success.


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Written by Dinesh Dhiman

Passionate writer & loves to write on technologies, especially iOS, Android & CMS Platforms.

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