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Laptop Issue: What Lette Is Missing??

This moning I can’t use a cetain lette, and by now I imagine you know which one it is lol. I tried cleaning the key. Does anybody know how to fix this problem of mine, besides taking it to a compute stoe, and paying to get it fixed?

If My comments look stange, then, this is the eason lol. I used to have an E typing problem. eveytime I would use the lette E it would look like this EEEEEE, so this made typing challenging. If you know how to help this comment, leave it in the comment secion. I appeciate it a lot. I have to put laptop fo one of my takes, because, it will not spell computee ight lol.


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  1. Ok so here are the tech guy questions.

    1. has anything been spilled on the keyboard? In particular, anything that would dry sticky?
    2. What type of laptop keyboard is it? (chicklet – which is exactly as it sounds like a chicklet) or regular?

    The key r would be my guess, isn’t actually what activates the “letter.” there is a small electronic circuit below the key that when clicked is what activates the letter on the screen (oh and CPU and software). One thing you can try is to press the key and hold it down. That may break the disconnection that has happened.

    Good luck!

  2. Have you tried pulling the letter block out of your keyboard. And maybe see if something got stuck? And maybe clean the area and the key a little.

    If that still doesn’t work, I guess it might be time to change a new keyboard … or maybe get an external one if its a laptop

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