LaJenna Has Pigment Dispersion Syndrom

I went to have my annually eye exam only to find out I need cataract surgery soon than expected. I know I have a cataract in the one eye, but it was small my last check-up. It is large now, and causing me much pain.

My doctor was informed that I have Pigment Dispersion Syndrome.  information about this eye condition.

It is where the color wears off from the back of my iris, and this the floats around in parts of the eye, and can cause damage. Too much damage cause blindness

If you have this condition limit playing games on the phone, and do not stay on the computer for too long, but I was informed that my condition can get worse with too much strain. Even if you do not have this eye condition, protect your eyes and maybe you will see great for years to come.

My dad was an architect, and he was about to go blind in his one eye if he did not quit drawing blue-prints. His eyes took a lot of strain, so he found another job. He still worked out in his workshop lot, but that was not as bad as staring at blue-prints all day.


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