Just another shameless review iOS 11

I spend a lot of time talking about technology – but that is part of what makes me happy. I upgraded to iOS 11 yesterday. Yes, I tend to jump off those types of upgrades earlier than most people do. There are a couple of interesting working out things that the upgrade caused. I lost a couple of applications that I love (Cultiwords, a game that allows you to memorize words) that aren’t compatible with iOS 11. Additionally, the Beartooth devices don’t function as well. Finally, the last impact is the new driving protection in iOS 11; it makes it much harder to use the Navdy driving HUD.

The upgrade, something that Apple has worked very hard to make less painful was less painful other than the applications I can’t use. I do like the new 3d look and feel of the OS. The app store and iTunes stores have gotten long needed makeovers. I do like the update screen within the App store. Overall the initial impression is they (apple) have done a good job getting the upgrade ready to roll with the release of new devices this Friday. The process is less painful than phone upgrades used to be. I did both my iPad and my iPhone in less than an hour. The cool thing about the iPad is the new integration of the Pencil.

Two new features that I am interested in would be the support for AR within the future processors (A-11 coming in the iPhone 8 and iPhone X) plus support within the OS (iOS 11 has support for AR) and the new Files tool. Files lets you see things that you recently touched. I’ve used files five times already when I forgot where I stored a PDF file on my iPhone. There are some other new features that I am going to explore going forward, but for now, Files and AR are the two big initial things I am excited about.

iOS 11 represents a good change by Apple. I am impressed so far. I do wish Cultiwords would work with 11, I miss the game and it has only been a day!


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