Just another Shameless Review Camtasia!

Drawing on video is something I find interesting. Not, by the way, that I am an artist, but only that there are often things I am interested in calling out in my videos. I have an old video of events my kids participated in, and there are a few group shots from the audience that I would love to be able to circle my kids so you can see where they are in the crowd. The capability is similar to the concept of the telestrator used in sporting events. The analyst is drawing on the screen to show the audience what to look at on screen. You can do that now, with your tablet and the programs work pretty well.

Personally, however, the tool I use for that has more to do with specific instruction, and I use Camtasia. I started using Camtasia many years ago now. It was one of the original screen capture programs that turned your computer screen and actions into a video. I am sharing a link to a video I shared that shows me launching the swarm product (and then relaunching swarm). Swarm is the console for the Raspberry PI based Raspberry Shake Seismograph. You can hear my favorite early morning show Golic and Wingo in the background. The goal of the video is to show the swarm console and how easy it is to get yesterday’s seismograph readings. The reality is, it also shows how power Camtasia is. The video shows the creation of the cover picture used today!

Over the years I have been using the product I have made some training videos. The power of the tool is that I can also open video and draw on it. When you consider training videos it is sometimes critical to draw a circle around the place you need to click or a setting you need to change. It is a great product to solve some problems. My overall rating of Camtasia is a 10 out of 10. It is and has been my go-to solution for building training videos, drawing of existing videos and capturing screen movies. A great tool to add to your training team’s arsenal. Plus, the company behind the product is always happy to support you!! (Techsmith makes Camtasia)!


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