Jamaica’s Entry Into Cyberspace – One

In 1990 Jamaica some people used ‘Mac’  some used Dos and those who knew stuff, used Linux.

Windows  3.0 came fully bloated on many computers after 1990.   Those who had the old desk tops wouldn’t have it unless they bought it.  Those who purchased laptops after 1990 would, unless they bought a ‘Mac’  have it.

In early 1995 it was fairly easy to disable all aspects of 3.0  save the  connectivity so that one could write an autoexec.bat file which  basically said, “when I turn on the computer,  as soon as you load Windows, connect to the Internet.”

At the time ‘Netscape Navigator’ was the prime program for Windows to connect to the Internet.

Then Windows 95 came out and unless you were a certified geek, the operating system ran you, you didn’t run it.   You had to become computer friendly.  And, to kill Netscape Navigator, Windows created it’s Exploder, sorry, Explorer, one of the easiest programs to hack ever.

Now  speaking of hacking….


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