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Is Google free for all?

Is Google free for all of us? You are mistaken, if you think so! You should remember that there is someone who pays for all its products, like Google maps, Gmail or YouTube. And that someone is advertisers. They shell out thousands of dollars for their target viewers. In turn, the advertisers learn about the likes and dislikes of their target viewers. Every time you load your favorites to your Google account, it saves them.

Google can sell your favorites to eager advertisers. Online users do not have a right to prohibit it, as users have agreed for the same with Google. In such a situation, you cannot just be a user of the search engine giant. To be exact, people are products. This method of carrying out business is accepted and agreed by almost all internet users. However, there are lots of users who think this practice of Google, disturbing.

Only some of the internet users know how to prevent their personal and private information from being added to the group of the search engine giant Google. However, there are some ways to make this possible. Just start a search for the other available options: This may be a simple way. But considering the popularity of the use, you may not manage to do so. Still, you can look at the market for search engines.

But, you must make sure that you check the privacy policies of the services you choose. There are a few search engines that are considered as friendly in privacy matters. In spite of the guarantee in the protection of privacy in these search engines, you need to look at it. Most Internet users cannot visualize the use of internet without Google. If so, they can at least go through the privacy policy of the search engines.


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