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If your iPhone is stuck while starting on the Apple logo and cannot continue on the Home screen in the past, you might think that your phone has been destroyed. This matter is not necessary. iSkysoft provide you a lot of steps to get your phone out of a startup loop.

iPhone wont turn on, it can be easy to solve or be difficult. iSkysoft will help you to determine why your phone will not change and how you cannot change your iPhone.

iSkysoft wrote this article because iSkysoft have seen many articles that “the iPhone stuck on apple logo will not be a problem” but based on its experience as an Apple Tech, only one piece of other articles The puzzle – or the information is simply simple that is given below on different stages.


1st Try to Restart the iPhone:


You should do the first thing to resume the problem to restart the iPhone. The truth is that this particular issue will not solve the problem in most cases, but iSkysoft reaching approach and you will not spend anything except for a few seconds waiting for the phone to begin.

If this does not work, your next step is a hard reset. This is a more comprehensive type of resume that can sometimes solve the problem. Here’s how to restart and restart the iPhone.


2nd Restart on Recovery Mode

If you do not try to put your phone in the recovery mode, then you have no problem. iSkysoft allows your iPhone to connect to iTunes and restore the latest installation of the iPhone or backup of your data on your phone. This is a relatively simple process and solves the problem in some cases.

How to Use Recovery Mode

iSkysoft makes more than restarting the recovery mode, but it also does not solve the problem at all times. If you do not have an account yet, Please make your account and register yourself.


Booting on DFU Mode

If you’re still watching the Apple logo and have not done anything, then there’s a problem booting your iPhone. DFU, or device firmware updates, mode prevents your iPhone from booting all the way so that you connect it to iTunes and restart the iPhone and start it fresh.

The DFU mode exercises something to use, because it requires a very clear set of actions, but try a few times and you will take it. To enter DFU mode, follow these instructions:

Start iTunes on your computer (if you do not have a computer, you’ll need to make a appointment in the Apple Store to get more help).

Attach Your iPhone with Your PC 

After closing the phone, hold the ON / OFF button for 3 seconds.

When 3 seconds have passed, press the Off / Off Button and press the Home button in front of the phone (if you have an iPhone 7 series phone, use the buttons below the home button).

Hold both buttons for 10 seconds

Go on button / off but for any other 5 seconds home button (or volume on an iPhone 7).

If anything appears on the screen – Apple logo, iTunes instantly connected etc. – You are not in DFU mode and then need to start the process from step 1.

If your iPhone screen is black and does not show anything, you’re in the DFU mode. It may be difficult to see, but the screen of the iPhone screen looks slightly different from its screen, but nothing is showing.

Reason an iPhone to Get Stuck on the Apple Logo

When there is an iPhone on the Apple Logo screen, there is a problem with the operating system, which prevents the phone from running the boot-up normally. It is very difficult for the average user to have a problem, but there are some common reasons. (Problems with upgrading to the new version of iOS, issues with phone jail, which is running beta version of end iOS).


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