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Interview With the Selection Board

I was applying for a job promotion in my agency and I received a letter to come for an interview 2 days before the scheduled date.

When I reached the office, I found some of my colleagues who are also applying for promotion. Since there were a lot of employees vying for the open positions, it took me 5 hours of waiting before I was called inside the hall where the interviewers are waiting.

I was asked to introduce myself, give my achievements and my competitive edge. With regards to my competitive edge, I told them that I have advanced knowledge of internet things. I didn’t know that this will pique their interest and will throw question after question regarding this matter.

I tried to answer in a very respectful manner. Though some of their questions are just too personal such as this online thing has an effect on my job and how I can do this when in fact I have a lot of things to do. I told them that I am doing everything after work and during weekends.

Until now, I don’t have a clue on whether revealing about my internet and advanced knowledge on the current technology had helped me or not on the interview. I am just waiting for the result.

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  1. Often in-depth interviews are needed for several positions, and such things are often done to ensure certain things, such as our mindset and mentality. I often interview in various selection for various positions in the recruitment process even though I myself have only been interviewed once in a lifetime for a job, the rest I am always asked to fill certain positions with various offers.

    Hopefully, you get a job according to your expectations, Sharon. Good luck.


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