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Internet of things

Internet of things, intranet, open source, programs, future ahead.  Arduino, a small test device for learning and testing.  I was interested in a subject in a course on studies.  Hence this picture.  With the help of them and programming languages, we do great things, we create smart things that surround us, we create the future.  The basic idea is to make life easier and save money of course with other savings such as electricity, water, etc.  For example.  smart heating or cooling devices that fully adapt to your needs and habits, the current climate, while saving energy and so on.  Think of a simple programmer that takes care of watering your flowers?  This would mean that he recognizes exactly when the earth no longer has the required humidity level and knows how much water is needed at that moment, say.  So are thousands of other options.  Do you have an idea which smart device would benefit you?

What do you think?

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  1. I do love the smartphone because I am able to do so much with it, such as make money, communicate with family and friends, and also transfer money in between my bank accounts. I would love to maybe one day have the device on my phone that starts in my vehicle prior to me walking out of my door.

  2. IoT presents so many interesting views for what sensors are critical.

    There are between 12 and 14 billion IoT devices present in the world today.

    1. The growth of cameras and hi-gain microphones is one interesting impact of IoT
    2. I believe 5g changes the impact of IoT even further.

    So, what IoT device interesting you in the short and long term?

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