Instagram Bringing A Fresh Wind In The Tattoo Industry

Social media concept is not at all limited to mere interactions with your friends today. Major photo-sharing platform presented by Instagram is a free space for the promotion of skills such as tattooing that has been long considered cloistered. Tattoo artists get to interact with customers and find a way to promote their skills.

Before the technological explosion, if anybody wanted to get a tattoo, only available options were their nearest tattoo parlour. But now with social media accessible throughout the world, you can get a tattoo done after detailed thinking and right selection.

If you do a little searching, you will see how skilled artists are presenting new ideas and new styles. They get followers on Instagram by hundreds and thousands, creating a base to promote and utilise their art.

Searching is easy on Instagram. The hashtag #tattoos has nearly 50 million posts and photographs on this platform. If you want to view Images and get in touch with tattoo artists specialising in particular styles, similarly, tattoo artists can also let their specialties reach out to larger sections of the population.

Revolutionary Changes After Instagram

Tattoo artists conventionally had to depend on the local advertisement and word of mouth to attract people wanting to get tattooed. But with Instagram taking charge to showcase their work, the exposure has brought revolutionary changes in the industry.

A hand-poke tattoo artist based in London, Laura Harper, commented that Instagram has brought to her a way to sustain her practice by providing with bookings. Just like her, another artist named Romeo draws light to another change brought by Instagram. He says that the art of tattooing has become much more open-minded and evolved, as reflected by the number of followers and likes on Instagram.

The traditional tattoo industry had always been secluded and secretive. Scopes of becoming a successful tattoo artist by joining a well-established tattoo shop were narrow. But with a modern platform like Instagram, people can present their work globally. It is the word around the industry that Instagram has brought liberalisation in the field.

Spread Out The Word

The huge number of people following the art of tattoos and tattoo artists on Instagram shows how big a chain of communication is connecting the industry with the masses. Spreading the word is easier than ever with such viable social media for photographs.

Artists can reach out to each other and culture their practice. Also, promotion is, of course, a major aspect too provided by Instagram. Moreover, important messages such as warning against ‘abusive’ artists and pointing them out are spread around through Instagram.

When you are on Instagram you connect with the world with your moments captured through the lens, you can not only buy Instagram likes and get a follower base but also get to explore the once secretive tattoo world.


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