The impact of the Internet of THings (IoT) on the reality of Hybird Cloud solutions going forward…

(artwork by Lukas O Andersen)

I won’t spend any column space explaining either of the two terms. They are well explained here on Cloudtweaks, much better than I could explain them. As organizations move towards cloud computing more and more of them are implementing a Hybrid Cloud solution. More and more of them are deploying objects that are more Internet of Things than cloud as well.

As far as opening gambits go, this Isn’t a radical opening statement. It is simply as an assessment of the current state of business globally. Lots of government and commercial movement to the cloud, mostly to reduce cost. Frankly many governments and commercial deployments of IoT Devices. Pick an industry and notice the change in that industry in just the past five or six years. One that I have been watching the change in just the last year is Real Estate. The concept of 3d models of the home you are considering existed before, but now they are everywhere. Where once a posting with 3, four even five pictures of the house was normal now you have 30, 40 and even music!

IoT is going to modify Hybrid cloud though. How? Simply it is going to force government agencies, and commercial companies are going to continue down the path of building solutions around IoT devices. Over time they are going to also build gateways for the IoT data. That will be the change for the Hybrid Cloud. Today many organizations are considering have multiple clouds in their portfolio. But as you move forward, you most likely will only have one IoT gateway. All four of the major cloud players have released or announced their IoT gateway solution. This will force many companies to move to the one provider model when we are talking IoT, you don’t have a lot of capacity for changing the device.

The reality is IoT will change cloud, forever.


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