Idiocrasy– Match the Pieces (8)

In  the 50s/60s/70s children were free ranging.  They played outside of the house, they made their own friends and enemies, they took their  own risks, they lived their own lives.

It  was not strange for a ten year old to come home from school, pull on his/herr play clothes and run outside, not returning until called for dinner.

It was not, in the summer months, strange for the child to return outside after dinner.

Children were always outside, getting into mischief,  getting dirty,  even getting into fights.  Because in those days, children had lives.

Today, children are locked up as if serving sentence   They are allowed out, under supervision, and moved from one ‘cell block’ (the home) to another ‘cell block’ (the school) and then, unless they are allowed certain carefully supervised activities, returned to the first cell block

Today, children are oblivious to real life.   They are captured by their electronic gear.

Confined to a specific area,  they grow up unable to function in the ‘real world’.

With their lack of experience, the fact they never had to exercise judgement, they are helpless, and easily led.



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