Idiocrasy– Match the Pieces (3)

Streaming is a common sense action performed in every aspect of life.

One does not let everyone who desires to run 100 metres into the Olympics. One has to be the fastest to get on the team.

Those who want to run begin at a lower level and as their speeds increase they are moved up.

One doesn’t get on the ‘A’ team until they can run faster than those onthe ‘B’.

Schools once practiced the same.   The brighter children went into the bright class, the less intelligent in the dunce class.

One did not put Forrest Gump in the same class as Stephen Hawkings.

Until streaming was abandoned.

By abandoning streaming schools ceased to separate the ‘A’ team from the ‘B’.   The slowest ‘runner’ in the class set the pace.   The least intelligent child in the class brought down the intellectual level causing the brightest to become bored, and maybe act out and be drugged.

This was to insure that education would be at the lowest level in Public School.

Private Schools were available to those who could pay for it.  Depending on the school, it was either another holding tank, so that one might as well save the expense,  or it was based on intellectual level.   Those based on intellectual level would permit the brightest children to excel,  graduate early, enter University.

This insured only the rich could gain higher education as a matter of course.

To make it clear,  in 1960/70  it was intellectual achievement which determined who entered University, regardless of one’s financial level as education was real, students were streamed, so that ‘bright class’ in primary school allowed the child to gain entry to a superior Junior High School, and then a superior High School, able to skip grades and enter University and gain a profession.

Today, the poor child is sent to an inferior public school, poorly educated, sent to holding pens where getting an ‘A’ was valueless as the exam was modified.   Only those who worked hard on their own, who learned on their own, could hope to score high enough on the entrance exam to perhaps gain a scholarship, or perhaps a crippling loan so as to attend University.

Simply put, those born in the forties/fifties  would be educated and able to go as far as they were able.  Those born in the 70s/80s might, but those born in 2000 can not, for the syllabus has been modified, the education is modified, and the child of the poor can not gain entry.


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