Idiocracy – What News?

The BBC World Service presents the news in hourly broadcasts of about 5 to 6 minutes, half hourly broadcasts are 2 minutes.

The remaining time is spent on blah blah and ‘advertisements’ for blah blah.

The news is raced through, very little information is dispensed. If you cough, you miss facts which are not repeated, because the focus of the BBC World Service is on blah blah, not on information.

By blah blah I mean a show like’Outlook’ in which no one in particular is interviewed softly and discusses his/her personal experience in something few are interested in.

By blah blah I mean a show like’Hard Talk’ in which the interviewer spends more time pontificating and attacking the person to be interviewed, so that what the interviewee has to say is obliterated.

By blah blah I mean all sorts of shows about nothing in particular.

The blah blah programmes last from sixteen to twenty three minutes.   They are presented in a manner to suggest they are informative;  but there is nothing one needs nor wants to hear.

Each programme of  blah blah is repeated three or more times as if there is something worth hearing,when listening to music is far more stimulating.

In short, not informing the public has become the focus of the BBC.


What do you think?


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