Idiocracy Ulsterman = Qanon?

Not being in the United States, the writer of the White House Insider, Ulsterman, was able to view with an objective eye.

He easily discerned that the same idiots who had believed that his posts came from a ‘White House Insider’, were still fertile soil.

Instead of realising the White House Insider was a Hoax, these idiots invented reasons why Ulsterman’s site disappeared.

Ulsterman had long ago, (writing inthe Forum on Triond) discerned that the public was made up of mindless fools who would believe any thing written about anyone they hated.

Ulsterman knew that all the Rabble needed was something to attack. ¬†They needed a ‘Scorn’ and so, there was Barack Obama.

For Ulsterman, it doesn’t matter what kind of insanity takes place in the United States; he’s thousands of miles away.

Seeing that Trump supporters were not particularly intelligent he thought to pull their strings.

He couldn’t be a White House Insider and attack Trump, he could be some mythical figure from elsewhere, and put forward pro-Trump rubbish, claiming there was some conspiracy about which he had ‘secret’ information.


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