IDIOCRACY – Two Legs Good or is it Four?

To give an easy example of how people are manipulated take a simple item; Vegetable Oil.

In the 1950s Vegetable Oil was hailed as ‘healthy’ to get people all over the world to change from their local product.

It was cheap and the US needed to dump the crap they’d invented as an alternative to petrol. Having fed it to animals with no ill effect, having it used in some trials without immediate death, it was shoved on the market.

It never was healthy, but no one bothered to do the research.   This fabrication lasted for sixty years. Then the admission, that it was and is unhealthy.

Coconut oil was hailed, but as America doesn’t make coconut oil,  it now must be disparaged.

Those who have eaten it all their lives and are over ninety won’t even hear the warning.  Many over 50 will ignore it.

But those who have been dumbed down during the 70s will put petrol on their bread if the right voice tells them to.

One would think that being connected to the Internet, having the power to search would uncover various facts.

After all, being directed away from ‘Hard Copy’, which doesn’t change quickly,  one assumes the online information is up to date.

And the mindless public believes Wikipedia is a reliable source of information.  They read it, they quote it and they believe it.

Of course, it would take an I.Q.Above 100 to note that anyone can write anything on a Wikipedia page.

As most people have I.Q.s below 90,the unreliability of Wikipedia is  not known by the general public although admitted by the site.

What do you think?

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