Idiocracy – Playing the Rabble

‘Ulsterman’, the pseudonym of a  writer on the now defunct writing site, Triond, made hundreds of thousands of dollars by writing invented rubbish.

Appreciating that there were a large number of racists in America who wanted to read offensive things about their president, accommodated.


Ulsterman couldn’t care less about America, politics, Obama, he cared about money.  He cared about writing whatever he needed to get 2M+ hits and collect his revenue.

It is likely a person with the same mentality, possibly even  the same person, has created Qanon. 


What is posted by Qanon  is a ridiculous set of conspiracy postulates which make no sense to the average intellect, but, are swallowed whole by the rabble.

When Triond went down, taking the White House Insider with it, in 2015, Ulsterman was out of a job.

One assumed that even an average intellect would appreciate that he could not have been posting his articles from a reliable news agency but a common writing site.  After all, it was stated that it was a division of ‘Stanza’ and any check would reveal that Stanza operated writing sites.


Triond disappeared and conspiracy theorists assumed it had to do with some nefarious agency, not that the owner of the site took down the whole huge operation the same way Bubblews went down.

Having had over 1 million visitors every month for six years, earning  hundreds of thousands of  U.S.Dollars, Ulsterman needed to replace one scam with another.

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