Idiocracy– Match the Pieces (4)

As  education is not considered particularly important by society in general in the United States, there has been no outcry at the decent of quality in Public schools.

There  has been no outrage at the fact so many people can not afford to attend college, and those who do take out crippling loans become wage slaves for many years.

As many can not foresee  living with that kind of loan in their lives, they don’t bother with continued formal education.  This creates a population of persons whose scholastic ability has been truncated not merely because they were born poor, but because they are intelligent enough to appreciate that ‘student loans’ will destroy their future.

This  is  the common sense shocker.

One has to be rather stupid to start their working life with an enormous debt that will take them a decade to repay, hence those who take student loans are not as intelligent as those who refrain.

As so many either refuse the loans or do not bother to take them or consider college, society is  no longer gaining ‘the best and the brightest’.

It is vital to create an easy population to control, to ensure their education is of such a nature that they feel no need to go farther than what they are told.

As an example,  the majority of Americans have absolutely no idea of the trade with China.   They know what they are told and do not make any effort to verify or even enlarge what they have been told.


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