IDIOCRACY – Connecting the bytes

When a child is forced to exert judgment at a young age, and live with the consequences; even if it is buying the wrong flavour of ice cream, or falling off a bike, they learn.

When the child can’t blame anyone for his or her exercise of choice, whether good or bad, the lesson of autonomy is learned.  This is vital.

To be in charge of him/her self, to gain the praise or the blame, teaches a child more then any other activity.

As today, children are locked into their cell blocks, be they home or school, and not allowed to live, many move into the electronic world.

What is happening on a computer screen is more real to them than what is happening two feet away.

We know the intense stupidity of adults, who die taking selfies, who, captured by their cell phone step into pits, drive off roads, or are mugged or killed.

This obliviousness, which is developed by the adult who becomes fascinated by technology,  is created in childhood, when the child is not allowed to experience life and electronic ‘friends’ invade.


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