IDIOCRACY – Connecting the Bytes (3)

For those who reached teenage in the 70s, who have always lived in the now, today is like traveling to another planet.

Where those who were accustomed to being alive, to meeting people, seeing things, feeling, experiencing reality, to see the children of today, trapped indoors, banging on a ‘smart’ phone, or lap top, more into what is not present than what is can be frightening.

Where those who were born and lived as disconnected beads in a chain, making their own decisions, listening to this one, not to that one, changing ones mind when gaining new information, there are the mind dead zombies marching around, more aware of what is on their electronic possession than reality, is astounding.

What you view is only a fragment of what is; that is, a population of persons whose bodies occupy space and whose mind is elsewhere.

All the steps taken are to create these electronic zombies culminates in that thirteen year old who knows nothing about life,  for s/he has never lived.  For them, to be somewhere there is no wi-fi is like being an infant, lying alone on the floor of a huge empty room.

To have to think, not repeat, not look up data, but to actually use their brains is more frightening than walking a tightrope above a valley.


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