Idiocracy – Breathing Brain Damage

Students who take exams during heavy air pollution perform worse than those who take the same test on a clear day.

This is a result of  a study which claims that air pollution is causing a  “huge reduction in intelligence”.

The study was conducted on 20,000 people across China between 2010 and 2014 with data measuring levels of nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide in the air.

Researchers identified a correlation between high pollution levels and“significant drops in test scores in language and arithmetic”, The effect on intelligence “equivalent to having lost a year of the person’s education”.

The fact that air pollution effects the brain is not far fetched, and the fact that the rich and powerful usually live in ‘the country’ or spend most time on a rural estate confirms the fact.

The  poor are to live in polluted cities, breath the dangerous air, and suffer brain damage.

It was never an accident.

As long as the rich can be segregated from the poor, living in a different environment, eating different food, attending different schools the status quo remains.


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