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I got a question about my favorite web meeting software…

I got a question the other day, and I wasn’t ignoring it, I didn’t have a good answer. It was about “my favorite” web meeting software or solution. I use WebEx, Zoom, Skype for Business and google hangouts/google conferencing the most but I do use several other solutions from time to time. Right now I would say without a doubt that Skype is my favorite, but at this point, I would,and say that is as much because I use it all the time, as it is the quality of the overall solution. I use WebEx frequently as well, and while it has some interesting features, it just isn’t as intuitive for me. I did ask a friend of mine that has never used Skype, and he much prefers WebEx overall even after trying Skype.

Web meetings are a part of what I do every single day. That reality makes it very important to me that the conferencing system I have for on the go- and home office conferences are critical. I use my noise canceling USB headsets for meetings on the go. The Jabra heads are simply hands down the most amazing addition to your; I need to do conferences anywhere arsenal. I also like the Logitech conference room system, that is what I use in my office. I do have to admit that for the most part, I don’t use VOIP due to network issues at times, I do have a headset for my landline phone as well to use during calls. I do, from time to time also use VOIP but only if I am not contributing significantly to the web meeting. If I am presenting, I still rely on the landline, but I do wonder if that is more fear uncertainty and doubt.

Now you see why I didn’t answer the question when I first got it, I really can’t answer it now. I have a preference (Skype), but I use the other systems extensively as well. I guess in fairness I am going to say Skype for Business. It is the one I have used the most overall, and it is the one I choose to use for myself when I am doing live meetings online. That doesn’t mean that won’t change over time nor does it mean that give a chance in how I operate in the web meeting space wouldn’t come up with a different answer. For now, Skype for business is the go-to web meeting system for me. I am however not going to give any of the systems a rating, as I suspect I use web meetings differently than most people do, anyway.

What do you think?

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