I Don't Want an App for That!

Maybe some people should just stay with old school. Maybe I am just one of those people.  I am trying to be open, explore and learn. Although today it just gives me a headache! 

The good news is that my little sleep tracker said I got 2 hours of deep sleep last night and 3 hours overall. The bad news is that it needs to recharge and it took me 40 minutes to simple remove the wrist band so I can recharge it. Now while it is recharging it is not recording any of the other functions, so I certainly don’t want to walk for a mile. So essentially now an app is controling my behavior and the sad part is “I AM ALLOWING THAT.” I am so disappointed in myself. Perhaps I should remind myself the doctor was most concerned about the sleep portion. Maybe I should just wear it at night time. but I don’t know that it turns off when I am not waring it. 

Then my employer send was they said was a handy little app I could add to my phone so they could get in touch with me quickly.  Humm, I have a phone, I have an email, I have work instant message and I don’t know if I want them to alert me with some app.

I guess I am a dinosaur. Hey maybe all of you could chime in and we could create my dinosaur name! What do you think?


What do you think?


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  1. Ironically, as I was reading your article, I got an ad for the Fitbit, a device that can allow anyone with the skills to hack it to know where and when you go. There’s also a smartphone version and who knows what they are doing with the data they collect.

  2. There are actually solutions that do the two functions separately. The product Eight is a bed cover that warms your bed but also tracks your sleep.

    There are many step counters, but honestly, the easiest one I’ve found is the built-in (either Google Health on Android or Apple Health on the iphones) application. then you only have to charge your phone!

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