How Writing Sites Destroy Themselves – part 46

Often sites use different methods to rip different users.

User One  will publish his/her fingers off and reach the pay out, put in for a payout ,and not get it.

User Two writer will post and not see their earnings change.

User Three will have difficulty in posting their work, or adding the required images.

User Four will experience extremely slow moderation, so that two days may pass before the item is published.

When Writer One complains;  “I reached the pay out and haven’t been paid!”  a Shill will respond, “It takes a few days.”   So One will keep working.

How does the Shill know this?

When Writer Two complains;  “My earnings haven’t changed,”  a Shill will tell them to contact the Admin and some time later the Admin will eventually respond with double talk.

When Writer Three complains about not being able to post, the Shills will ask what browser is being used and other such diversions.

User Four will mention the slow moderation, not realising it is NOT moderation, it is simply delay.

Do you catch the pattern?

The point is, when each user experiences a different problem there is no united push.  This allows the site to steal the work and rip off the writers.

The wisest thing for those who have posted and find issues is to silently delete their items, leaving the last one or two up and logging on each day as a beard.

When,(not if) the site goes down, the wise writer has already removed most of his/her work.

The pathetic has been ripping off writers since inception, using the various methods, there are others.

What do you think?

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