How Writing Sites Destroy Themselves – part 40

Writers have learned that  slow ‘moderation’  does not mean one’s article is read by an editor.   It doesn’t mean that the article is checked for spelling or plagiarism or obscenity;  it means the site doesn’t want to pay.

By delaying the writer’s ability to reach the threshold for payment, by delaying publication of articles, the site assumes it ‘saves money.’

In truth, it hastens it’s demise.

The best writers, the ones who get the eyeballs, find other sites and post there.  They abandon the slow moderation site, many deleting their articles where they can, sometimes requesting the site delete the articles for them.

Some writers, as previously described, will have published the item first on Hubpages, had it ‘non-featured’. Non-featured is a fabulous term created by Hubpages.   It means the article WAS published on a specific date by removed from public view because of ‘spammy elements’.

“Spammy elements” is Hubpages lingo for;  “We don’t want to pay you so we are limiting the number of articles the public can view.”    For those unaware of the value of storage and having an item published but hidden from public view,  consider this;

You have Proof you published an item on a particular day.   It was published.  Now, you can publish it on another site.   If the other site does not pay you, you can always prove that it has been ‘plagiarised’ by the non paying site.

You can prove this by going back to Hubpages, doing a few cosmetic changes to your article, getting it featured, and rubbing the nose of the other site in it.

By using different names on each site, you can prove that,  Oliver Queen posted the article on the 1st  on Hubpages and SlowSite published the same article on the 10th under the name Barry Allen.

That Oliver Queen and Barry Allen are the nicks of one writer is no one’s business.


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