How Writing Sites Destroy Themselves – part 39

In the ancient days when there were a lot of publishing sites,  writers tended to practice the ‘first to post’ style.

One would write an item and post it to a site.  If it wasn’t published in an hour, the writer would post it to another site.

To take too long to ‘moderate’   meant a site lucked out.

The item gaining 1M views was on That Site, because This Site,   althoughr  eceiving it at 9:34 GMT,  did not get around to reading it until 11:21 GMT.   That Site  published it at 10:30 GMT.

This  caused many sites to stop moderating because it was self-defeating.  In the ancient days of numerous writing sites, it became standard for  slow sites to learn the majority of their submissions were now ‘previously printed’.

In those days, there were human moderators who read the items.  It was not simply A.I.

The moderation paradigm changed. In those days, it went from checking before publication to checking after. Today, with few sites, the slow moderation has been implemented to delay publication and earnings.


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