How Writing Sites Destroy Themselves – Part 23

An easy facts to note is that real sites post your earnings on the opening page, for they have nothing to hide.

Real sites have no reason to mask how they make payments. One knows how much for an article, a hit, or a comment, or whatever the site pays for, as they log on.

Clearly, if yesterday you had  $3.56  you expect to log on today with more than that. To log in and see the same number is suspicious; (unless the site went down).

If you logged off with 1,456 views you expect to log on with more, certainly not less.

And you should know the value of each view, each hit, each comment.

Shady sites don’t let you know the real value, so they can steal your money and you will be ignorant of the theft. Shady or Scam sites, practice every trick in the book to keep your earning low.

Know the tricks, and you know the legitimacy of the site.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar