How Writing Sites Destroy Themselves – 60

There are site Owners who do not ‘get’ that some of the writers know each other off the site.

WriterOne and WriterTwo communicate, are friends.

When WriterOne can’t load an image and contacts WriterTwo, who has no problem, it becomes very clear that the ‘game is afoot’.

One can understand that many site owners are poor business people. If they were not, they could set a payment plan, and pay the users every month, whether 57c or $57.

The standards for some sites was 50/50, others which are doing well, might pay the writer 75%.

The setting of ‘thresholds’  and the ‘pending’ payments allow Owners to manipulate the earnings of users.

Which why it is done that way.

Imaginary currency, jiggled and juggled to ensure that the largest number of writers are paid no more than every six months, a portion every three months.

The pimps who tout the site may be paid every month so they can post their earnings;  “See!” they shout, putting up an image of their ‘pay’.

This only fools those who haven’t been ripped off.   And those are mostly newbies.


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