How Writing Sites Destroy Themselves – 49

Writing sites  which focus on extraneous features are scams.   They are playing the writer, and enjoying it.

Hubpages was once, before 2010, not a bad site.   Today it is a joke.

A famous writer, a person who sells hard copy books,  decided to ‘test’my assessment of Hubpages.

He  took a short story he was planning to send to his publisher, and put it on Hubpages.

He was told he needed ‘images’.

He thought this was ridiculous.  Who was he writing for?  Six year olds?  What was he writing prose or a Comic?  However, playing along, he found a couple of images  which somewhat matched his story.

He published and then after a day, was told that his images were too small.

Now  here is someone who earns money publishing hard copy.  A person who  people want to READ.   He posts something on Hubpages and is told  that ‘readers like large images’.  That his work isn’t featured because his images are too small.

So he deleted his story from Hubpages, sent his story to his publisher.   It was, of course, published, it did, of course make a nice packet of money.

So how is it, a so-called ‘writing site’ as Hubpages could reject a top earning author because the images he was required to post around his story were too small?

This trick of ‘images’   proves that no one reads the work, that delaying or rejecting publication is why the images are required.

What do you think?

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