How VideoProc can speed up your video making

There are many options when it comes to video editing and processing software. So much so that if you were to run a simple Google search right now you’d get about 34,60,00,000 hits. And we’ve not made that number up. Sure most of them will be articles that tell you about 5/10 different editors that are available and if you just assume let’s just take the first page of search results, because who ever goes beyond that right?

Say that there are 5 different editors listed out on each article and there are 10 articles on the first page alone. That’s simply 50 editors out there for you to try and find the best one of. And we’re just on the first page.

Point being. How is one to pick the best out of so many options that are out there? Well you filter out what you’re looking for primarily in your editor and then find the best one out there. Now if you’re looking for something that is fast, durable and can literally do everything you’ll probably need from an editor VideoProc is the choice for you.

What exactly is VideoProc?

VideoProc is a video editing and processing software that also functions as a video stabilization software and helps users recover shaky footage and make it usable again. But more on that later. What sets VideoProc apart from all the other video editors is the speed at which it can process or render your videos. Almost 38% of the existing editors only use CPU powered processing which makes it very tough for your machine to handle anything else in the background. But what VideoProc does ever so well is using Level 3 hardware acceleration to render out your videos which means that it combines the power of your GPU and CPU to give you results that are 40 times faster than softwares running just CPU powered processing. Moreover, sharing the load between hardware also keeps it mellow for your machine and enables it to handle much more data without heating up or facing fatal errors.

Other features of VideoProc

Stabilize shaky videos, remove background noise and work with other powerful editing tools.

VideoProc is pretty powerful when it comes to its editor. It gives users the option to run many advanced functions extremely simply without having to stress over learning how to work around with them.

One of these extremely useful applications is the ability to stabilize shaky videos. This can be very effective if you ever find yourself a situation where you’ve somehow ended up with shaky footage. Now this maybe due to your hand inadvertently shaking while recording or maybe it’s just an action shot captured on a GoPro, sometimes all you have is shaky footage and with the help of VideoProc you can make it all usable all over again. Watch it in action here.

Video Proc also comes in with some more powerful tools that help you remove fisheye from videos and also mix around and delete any background noises that you don’t want.

The editor also has the necessary tools like cut, merge, split, add subtitles or filters amongst others.

But that’s not all, VideoProc is also a video downloader, a media converter and a screen recorder.

Just when you thought that you’re getting quite a deal with this software it only goes and surprises you more. VideoProc also comes in with all the aforementioned features that allows Filmmakers to make use of all their time without having to deal with different softwares and just focus on creating quality content.

VideoProc are currently hosting a giveaway on their website wherein every user that visits this link : will get a free licensed copy of VideoProc. Besides that, users can also sign up for a sweepstakes that allow them a chance to win a GoPro Hero 7 Black/Silver , a DJI OSMO Action or a full licensed copy of Video Proc.Remember to register before 4th June, 2019!


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