How to Microcentrifuge the Right Way?

Microcentrifugeis lab equipment, used to spin liquid solutions (less than 2 ml) at very high speed. The spinning of liquid solutions will allow segmentation of substances of different densities. This piece of equipment is very critical for the commencement of many bio logical experiments. To spin the liquid you also need to buy Microcentrifuge tube.

Various features such as size, capacity,dimensions and rotor type of this equipment are to be considered when selecting it. The various factors that are to be considered when selecting Microcentrifuge are:

Size and Capacity

Capacity determines the number of tubes that Microcentrifuge will spin in onetime. Size signifies the volume of liquid that a tube will hold. To accommodate various types and sizes of tubes different rotors or rotor adapters are offered by the manufacturers.

Many experts have suggested the use of dual-row rotor in Microcentrifuge. Utilizing this will eliminate the need for rotors or rotor adaptions there are highly versatile and offer multiple rotor options.

When there is a necessity to spin different sample containers like large sized tubes and plates, hybrid Microcentrifuge is the best option. It spins all types of tubes and plates. Thus offering researchers hassle-free testing within limited time and money.


During experiments security is very critical as the spinning of hazardous samples can be very dangerous. It is difficult to work with hazardous samples as sample tubes can break during the experiment. Resulting in researcher being exposed to contagious bio hazard substances contained in the tube. The most secure method to minimize this is the utilization of a rotor lid. Rotor lid used should be certified and a perfect fit for the tube.

Both plastic and metal are used for the manufacturing of rotor lids and usage of both materials has its own advantages and disadvantages.Plastic lids are transparent and preclude corrosion. Strength is an area of concern for plastic lids when compared to metal lids. They may be vulnerable to corrosion which can be avoided through suitable maintenance of lid and the rotor. Metal can be protected by the usage of the anodized coating.


The ease with which lab equipment is operated can be a decisive factor to the researchers. It is run multiple times a day by the researchers.If the usage is simple they will offer high reliability and flexibility. Are searcher will also be able to accomplish better, faster and accurate results.

Many models of Microcentrifuge uses a feature which supports spinning of tubes without a lid. Only in a situation where a hazardous solution is being tested lids are required. In some cases, qualityseal lids are being used.Another feature that is of help to the researcher is the display onMicrocentrifuge, which allows the researcher to monitor the experiment while performing some other tasks.

Another feature that can make operating Microcentrifuge much easier is its ability to spin the tubes with filters attached. This feature allows researchers to cherish benefits related to safety, reliability, and ease of performing operations.

There are various other features along with the ones that are discussed above, which are required to be considered for Microcentrifuge. Buy Microcentrifuge tube with a secure lid to ensure complete safety while performing the experiments.


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