When people are engaging in your comment sections a lot, that is a good sign, and it is something that brands and influencers strive for. The more comments, the more interaction there is with your content. However, sometimes people go about getting comments in the wrong ways that tend to come of as desperate and is usually off putting for the users. For example, asking your users to tag their friends is something that is widely overdone and is almost cringe-y at this point. You want to try better methods that will result in organic interaction, and this is what we will cover in this article.

Choosing peak hours

Even though Instagram’s algorithm does not display content in chronological order, this does not mean you shouldn’t be careful of the time and day you are posting. Make sure you choose peak posting hours because they are more likely to get more attention and engagement, almost 200% more to be specific. And the more people are engaging by commenting and liking on your posts, they will stay towards the top of people’s feeds.

Making people want to comment

There are certain types of content that people will just want to comment on. And this post tends to be emotional or sentimental that evokes responses from people. You can ask people questions about their favorite memories, or asking them to share tips about their lifestyles, or even encouraging them to comment about their dream lives. You can even just straight up ask for their opinions, and you will be surprised at the responses you get.

Replying to people

You can reply to the existing comments that will generate a discussion in the comment section. And a discussion or debate means more comments. This is liked by people too, when official brand accounts are engaging with the users and it makes them feel like you are more involved. You will also get to know your users better this way.

Hosting a contest

This is a sure way to get lots of comments on your Instagram. You have probably noticed how lots of influencers and brands are hosting giveaways every other day. This is because it boosts the level of engagement they get by a multitude. You can ask people to comment in order to enter in the competition.


If you want quick engagement and you are willing to invest in it, then we suggest you promote your posts. You will get a significant increase in engagement and that too very quickly. How to works is that, it makes your post visible to a lot of different people, which increases the chances of people commenting on them. However, you can only do this if you are a business account so we advise you switch to one quickly. Alternatively you can even buy custom or random Instagram comments from $2.99 from digital marketing companies which is a very cheap investment if you want more comments quickly.


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