How to Fix Windows Store and App Issues in Windows 10

It is evident that Windows 10 is an upgrade of the previous versions of the operating systems. It has developed features not available in the other versions. Many people have feared using windows 10 claiming it is difficult to learn how to use it. However, some have taken up the challenge and have decided to use it all the way. Windows 10 is nothing but advanced. It is not complicated especially when you know your way around it. It may require more updating of apps and more requirements and that is why most people shy away from using it. You may experience problems with your apps or Windows store. Here are some remedies you should consider.

Use troubleshooter

Windows 10 has store apps troubleshooter. The troubleshooter gets to detect an issue in your store or any of your apps. The troubleshooter, however, may require an internet connection. There are problems with your windows store app where it cannot function properly or delays in processing or opening. The problem cannot be solved manually. Worse still most people do not identify the problems, leave alone solving them. It is important to note that the troubleshooter is not provided by windows. You, therefore, need to get the Microsoft website to extract it. This troubleshooter cannot be accessed by all operating systems. Fortunately, it is supported by the Windows 10 operating system. The process of troubleshooting is rather easy. Get to the file with ‘diagnostic troubleshooting wizard’. This option should, however, be selected by default. Follow the processes to get you to all stages. Troubleshooting is not all-time efficient as sometimes it cannot detect problems hence cannot solve them. However, when it detects an issue, it will try to solve. It would not hurt trying, would it?

Get rid of storage memory

Specifically get rid of the cache. This is similar to refreshing the store. Getting rid of old unwanted memory in the store will not only avoid problems for the store but also for your apps. This process can also help in resolving issues concerned with windows. It can multi-purposely work for your good. The best part is that it is a very simple task that takes half a minute at most. Here is the way to go about this process. From your keyboard, you will use a combination of keys. For this case, you will use the ‘R’ and Windows Key. Press on these two keys so as to enable the process to run. The file to run is wsreset.ex. Finish the process by clicking OK. You will know the cache is been cleared when a new command prompt window opens. In a matter of seconds, the cache will be cleared and that window closed. The windows store will then automatically open.

Update problems

You may be having difficulties in updating your apps and windows store. Some measures should be taken which include checking on the windows update components. The good news is; there is a troubleshooter available for that. The troubleshooter is however not readily available. You need to go to Microsoft support stage to extract the troubleshooter. The operating system installed in your PC will determine if you can extract the troubleshooter. For Windows 10 it is cheap to get the troubleshooter. Execute the troubleshooter and ensure the process continues by clicking next at every stage. The detecting of problems will be automatic and so is the fixing of the same. The process may, however, fail which can be very disappointing. Nevertheless, there is a solution to this problem too. There is a guide on how to resolve windows update problems which should be entirely helpful.

Register errors of connection

Causes of issues of the windows store and apps are diversified. Problems occur all the time since nothing meets perfection. You should always do something about these errors. As for this case, connection errors are the major deal. Connection errors are experienced on different occasions. For instance when updating the windows store or your apps. They may also arise when installing an app or launching windows store. It is, therefore, necessary to register these errors. Most processes follow protocol and so does this one. Ensure that you follow the right track when handling these errors otherwise, they will cause more problems. The following instructions should be followed. You will need the combination keys. Press on ‘R’ and Windows Key to execute the program. You then input ‘regedit’ and agree to its terms by clicking OK. What you need is the registry editor which will then open. There is a folder path on the felt folders that looks like’ HKEY-LOCAL-MACHINE/ SOFTWAREMicros. On the profiles select Permissions and then select Advanced. You should finally select “Replace all child object permission entries with inheritable permission entries from this object” then click OK. You can be safe to restart your PC and hopefully, the problem will be solved.

Updating windows store

It is obvious that the windows store cannot be uninstalled. If that was the case then we could install a better version. However, it can be re-registered on your PC. To begin with, the first search for Powershell and on the most relevant result, click on ‘Run as administrator’. Powershell is used to ensure automation of tasks. For Windows 10, input “& {$manifest= (Get-Appx package M. by doing this you have successfully solved the problem. The Store App is ready for executing and close Powershell since its work is done with.

Any of the above methodologies should work for you, at least one of them if not all. There is also more information on the Windows 10 guide. It is, however, important to note that some of this issues can be avoided. You may have dead apps that will always bring you problems and not your pc. Some apps are very problematic and you should know to deal with them, maybe by getting rid of them completely. As a precaution, you should always download only the latest versions of any app on your Windows PC. For example, if you are to use the app Garageband, make sure to download it from this link which always updates the latest versions for download. There is also a guide on how to get rid of your default apps.


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Written by andrewthompson