How to Ensure a Seamless WordPress Migration?

Over the past many years, WordPress has emerged as one of the most powerful CMS that can serve almost every possible need of your business niche.

WordPress is currently ruling the CMS industry with more than 30%of market share. Its flexibility, effectiveness, and extensibility are amongst its highly favored features by business owners.Individuals who initially opted for other CMSs are also seeing migration to WordPress for different professional endeavors.

In case, you are baffled regarding WordPress and other options available in the marketplace then some of the core benefits involved in WordPress migration are inclusive of an easy to use web interface,powerful security system, seamless social media access, SEO benefits,and open-source. Adding to this, WordPress is quite migration-friendly.

You can easily look for a leading WordPress migration company or expert in case you are not a tech-savvy.However, there always remains some risks in migrating to a whole new web platform despite such considerations, for instance, losing database, SEO downfall, or any other.

Apart from a general form of migrating from other CMSs, there maybe some others involved like need of better hosting (low prices or fast loading), moving from local WordPress powered website to live server, or moving sub-domains to main directory etc. The reason maybe any yet the downfalls linked to them can definitely be the same as mentioned in the earlier paragraph.

To overcome aforesaid issues of migration, you can plan everything strategically and choose to follow the below-given aspects.

  • Ensure backup of your files

Having a complete backup of your files on a local storing device is always appreciated by experts. As if anything goes wrong during the WordPress migration and the outcome is not satisfactory as per your desires then you can easily restore the old versions by simply using the backup.

Thus, whenever you begin to migrate complete website or modifying your web host, it is a good practice to keep backup of everything involved just to ensure a safe process. It shall result in risk reduction of losing website content, database,plugin, or any other server disruptions etc.

  • Broken links handling

Migration of data or any movement of the same between systems or formats is quite complicated and so can involve many hurdles and one of those is “broken links”. Every website utilizes site links that connect different aspects of your website so that your end users can easily find the concerned data or files.

Therefore, whenever you are committing any kind of data migration then you need to take out some extra time to analyze all the broken links and fix them in order to boost your website’s functionality. You need to check and update or remove any external website links if you don’t need them any longer for rebranding aspirations.

  • Choosing new host is a perfect destination to find the best fit host for your website. So, you don’t need to remain stuck with your present hosting if it has nothing better to deliver or is not offering you the quality service required to run your business successfully.

Some of the powerful hosts offered by WordPress- Bluehost, Dreamhost, Fly Wheel, and Site ground.

  • SEO-friendly URL structure

‘SEO’ is an important aspect of digital world irrespective of your website’s motive. It helps you to attain higher ranks in various powerful search engine platforms like Google, Bing etc.

During migration it is possible that URL change may confuse search engines (same content presence in both old and new website URL),new code involvement can impact page load speed, change in content can negatively impact SEO etc.

Therefore,you should choose to have a record of your current SEO performance,noting down present SEO issues, have Google search console and analytics setup etc. in order to avoid any kind of SEO disaster in the migration process.

  • Be risk calculative

In addition to the above-mentioned points, being risk calculative is also essential for a seamless WordPress migration. For every business process, be it migration or any other web design or development process, there is always a certain amount of risk involved that needs to be calculated for desired results.

Final Words

Migrating to a new CMS platform is always for sole purpose of making your current business growth and maximizing experience for end users. And, all the above-mentioned precautionary aspects shall definitely help you be prepared about different lookouts for a seamless migration to WordPress.

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