How Online Writing Sites Destroy Themselves – 6

To clarify a nefarious trick some writing sites play; this is an example.

Suppose you logged off last night with your earnings ‘pending’. You have no idea how much coin you have gained. You had $3.33 the last time you looked at the dashboard, but have no clue how many views/points/ virils you had.

Today, you can’t log on, you can’t upload an article. You assume your connection is at fault and go away.

Tomorrow, the site is working fine. You log on and check your dashboard and have $3.33 although you’ve had a pile of hits, up votes, and comments.

You don’t know that while the site was ‘glitchy’  Admin was actually deleting ‘views/points/virils’ so as to cap your earnings, prevent you reaching the threshold, so delaying your redemption.

In some cases, this trick  results in publication elsewhere, so in some respects the site shoots itself the foot.  However, if done ‘artistically’  it works as planned;  the writer’s earning are delayed or disappeared and the site continues.

The writer has no idea, at least the first time that this happens, that it was a deliberate ploy.

Experienced writers often capture a screen before they log off.

Some writing sites will ban that user, going for the less alert.

What do you think?

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