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How communication is changing…


Nowadays we live in a world of technology.  What with mobile phones and social media, I wonder how many people still communicate face to face these days?  When I think back to years ago I get images of the above picture of neighbours talking over the garden fence and people knew each other in their communities. Life seems a lot more busier these days. I wonder how many people know their neighbours and have that community spirit we used to have years ago.

I was sitting in a restaurant one day with my brother, sister-in-law and nephew.  And on the next table I saw a group of people where there sat 3 teenage girls. And every one of them had their faces in their mobile phones. For about 15 minutes not one of them spoke to each other apart from whatever or whoever they were talking to on their phones. Is this how life has become nowadays? To be honest, it did make me mad to think that people don’t seem to interact with each other like they used to.


I think a lot of time people are half afraid of missing out. On what? The latest gossip? What their friends are doing on Facebook? It saddens me when I see this. Very often when I’m walking down the road I see people on their mobile phones texting and chatting and not looking where they are going. Very often I have nearly bumped into someone, or they have walked into a lamp post or something lol. I saw a video on You Tube once where a woman was on her phone and her little girl wandered off, then she was running round sick to death trying to find her. I know it wasn’t real and that they were just proving a point, but it’s a point worth making I think.  All too often we rely too much on our devices. People seem to be more and more dependant on them. Yes, I do have a mobile phone. But I only tend to use mine when I need to contact someone, or so they can contact me.

Technology is, indeed, a wonderful thing.  But on the other hand, we mustn’t let it take over and rule our lives. It certainly does make life easier with keeping in touch with the world and what’s going on out there. But, we mustn’t let it stop up from actually talking to people. Sometimes, you’ve just got to switch off everything and talk!

What do you think?

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  1. Very well said my friend. I use my phone for networking, business and staying in contact with friends from all over the world, but it’s a breath of fresh air when u can have an intellectual conversation without technology. I go out n talk to people face to face every chance I get

  2. Consider that they are evolving in a different direction, responding to different stimuli and evolutionary pressures than your are. The only thing I don’t understand is why they bother going anywhere physical to begin with. Oh right, they have to take pictures of their food…

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