Home Automation Project Post 6

The image taken came from my SkyBell (front door) this morning around 6 am EDT.

Now for something different, another home automation post, number 6 in fact.

There are some components in a home automation project that you consider. Always pick the things that make your life easier. If you are going to spend time automating things, make sure it things that make your life easier! I have talked about door locks, security cameras and cleaning up your network. Another tool that is very interesting is that of a video doorbell. There are some products in the space. All of the ones I’ve seen are easy to use and install.

Personally, I installed the SkyBell HD door bell. SkyBell was one of the very first crowd funding projects in the video doorbell space. The software runs on your mobile phone or tablet as is easy to use. Setup for the device is simply removing your old doorbell and replacing it with the video doorbell. Placement is important. The easy button this gives you is in neighborhoods with porch pirates you are less at risk. They, porch pirates, will still snipe packages from a porch with a video doorbell but you will have a picture of them to share with the police.

The other thing a video doorbell does is lets you talk to people at your front door. This is useful when you are rushing home for a repair person, and they get to your house before you do. The doorbell button rings in the house and on your phone. You can hop on the doorbell and tell the repair person you will be there in 5 minutes. It removes that horrible; we were here, you weren’t door hanger that means you have to call and get a new repair time.

Overall this is a really good project to include in your home automation process. It increases your home security, and when you are in the basement, it lets you see who is at the doorbell. There are times on the weekends when I don’t want to hear a sales pitch on why my front yard needs to be astroturf!


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