Homage to a great man, and more IoT device security at home!

The first thing I would like to talk about today is the arrival of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day. I worry that our world still struggles with the issues Dr. King was fighting now more than 50 years ago. I hope that people take a moment today and remember, we are all people, we are all the same. I still have an LP that was my father’s that has the original recording of Dr. King’s famous I have a dream speech. It has remained with me, that speech since the first time I heard it. I didn’t hear it live, but I have heard it every year since the first time I’ve heard it. I have a dream as well that based on the ever shrinking world we live in, that there are terms that will disappear forever. Racist is a term that I wish would go away forever. Sexist is another term that I wish would go away. I don’t want people to stop using the words I want us to stop needing the words.

Remote scientific instruments are an interesting problem. In part, because they are often made by many different companies. The integration points can be frustrating. For example, there are some products you can buy that focus on the concept of delivering weather information. I’ve talked about two of them, NetATMO and Bloomsky. Someday it would be nice to have plug and play weather stations where you buy the base station, and all the other sensors work together. That isn’t something you can do today, in fact, there are many competing standards in the weather world that make it much harder than it needs to be.

One of the biggest issues, in building out a security solution for the smart devices in your home is that reality of non-integration. Each unique connection to your network causes a different issue. The reality of complexity is unique. Each unique device that doesn’t connect to or communicate with the other devices on your network means you have to have a unique security plan for each of them. That makes IoT security that much harder. What you end up having to do is implementing a more secure network. Personally there some devices I consider. The one I find, the most effective for creating a security barrier for your home network is the Fing network device.

More IoT home security to come!


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