Have a World-Class Immersive Experience with these Amazing AR Apps in 2019

A couple of years back nobody was familiar with the term augmented reality. However, with the introduction of iPhone X and iPhone 8 series, the world (for the first time) was commercially introduced to a new era of augmented reality apps.

As we move deeper into the future, we learn that augmented technology has become more sophisticated and a cost saving solution for different businesses. In the year 2017, AR Kit was introduced by Apple and Google further released ARCore for Android. Moreover, predictions revealed that by the year 2020, the number of users of AR apps will increase up to a million.

With such stats in mind, we as human often ponder where AR app stands in today’s day and age; so let’s discuss on some interactive AR Apps out there in the real world.

Sephora Virtual Artist

One of the leading names in the cosmetic industry is none other but Sephora. Recently, Sephora has launched its one of a kind app which allows users to put on their favorite looks on their digital faces. To do so, all they have to do is take a digital snap of their face and then apply different cosmetics to it. This practice greatly influences the mind of the females and help them understand which product will be best suited to their respective skin tone. This particular application has allowed Sephora to not only boost its sales but also give customers an interactive way to try out new looks on their faces.

The Ink Hunter App

Getting a tattoo is a permanent thing. If you once have it on your skin, then you will have to undergo a painful long laser treatment procedure to permanently remove it. Therefore, getting a tattoo can become a stressful job. The Inkhunter app allows you to make use of the augmented reality by placing some interesting tattoo designs on different body parts. You can also create your own custom art and upload it to the app or choose an existing one from the app. Once, you have uploaded or created the design, then all you have to do is place your tattoo to any desired spot on your body and check what fits best.

Rolex Try-on AR App

If you have a class, then I am sure you wear Rolex. Rolex is one of the leading brands in wearable watches on the market. Recently, Rolex has introduced an augmented reality app which allows consumers to try on their favorite watch designs and see how it fits on their hand. They can change colors watch the fitting and see how the watch looks on their wrist by simply viewing their hand under the app’s camera. So try as many styles and as many different models you want to try with Rolex.

Star Chart

If you love to gaze stars in the darkest hours of the night, then Star Chart is an amazing app just for your use. No wonder we all wish to experience the dusky starry skies and ponder on the wonders of the universe. And if you don’t have an astronomical background then deciphering what heaven has in store for you can become quite a difficult task. Star chart enables you to identify any star, constellation, meteor shower, comet, and the planets in our solar system. All you ever have to do is open your smart application and follow your favorite constellation around in the sky, the app will educate you astronomically.

The Gatwick Airport Passenger App

The Gatwick Airport Passenger app is not just an app, it is one such AR app which has won many awards for its creative use of the AR technology. How many times do you visit an airport and you suddenly realize that you are lost? We all have to encounter such situations. However, with the Gatwick Airport Passenger App, you can now use AR maps on your mobile phone to find your way around. With more than 2,000 beacons installed across the two terminals of the magnanimous Gatwick airport, the app is on its path to maturing. It is perceived that in the future developers will evolve it to improve the traffic flow within the airport as well.

Holo App

You can now place interesting visuals in your images and videos, all thanks to the amazing holo app. The best part about Holo App is that these visuals aren’t just any visuals being represented in the AR environment, these are basically holograms of celebrities and famous fictional characters. You can now choose an image where you can take a selfie with the famous Spider-Man. It is a unique app which allows you to implement various different techniques in a fun and interactive way.

House Craft

Much like getting a tattoo, furnishing your house can also become quite stressful. You are not even sure what type of furnishing will work best with your home aesthetics. Unless you don’t have a full bank account, you can’t take such kind of risks… at least not with furniture. If you don’t want to find yourself in such a hassle, then feel free to download the House Craft application. This app uses augmented reality to create a fully rendered 3D model of a wide range of furniture and then you can place these models in different locations within your home settings. You can resize furniture and place them around anywhere. You can also observe the House Craft app from different angles and then make a purchasing decision.

AR apps are the future of the mobile world. The AR technology is rapidly increasing and their applications have become much more prominent. Augmented Reality is a safe haven for all those who are interested to have more mixed reality experiences. Picking out apps that are the best in AR has indeed become an interesting task. So here are my top picks for the Augmented Reality apps in the year 2019. Stay tuned and we will eventually publish more engaging app lists in the future.


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