Geoengineering, Trillions wasted on false science?

Welcome to 2018, the new age, the Graphene Age as some put it. We now live in a world where science is splitting the veil between science fact, and science fiction. But no matter how many new particles are discovered by science, or how many new applications have been found for the basic elements, there will always be corporate greed. This greed drives the so called scientific research of many on issues that could doom us all, up for the temptation of Corporate Bribery.

These Multi-National corporations operate above any rule of law, and many are contracted by the Military of top economic nations. The same companies that supposedly supply the world with vaccines, also supply the world with toxic pesticides and herbicides, as well as many lines of Pharmaceuticals. These same companies also supply the geoengineering particulates being deployed to fight the sun, our false science declared enemy. Bioweapons are also produced by these companies, as well as chemical weapons. It’s shameful all they care about is the $$$$$$$$, at humanities expense.

What do you think?

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Written by JasonsWorld

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  1. I completely agree! And, besides that, I miss having “normal” weather and seeing the sun shine on a regular basis!!! They’re certainly pushing those anti-depressants with all of the doom and gloom they’re constantly fabricating…

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