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The game that is communication and why if you aren’t careful you will lose!

Communication is funny, funny in that it is something all of us do, but it is also something all of us fear. No one starts their day hoping to deliver bad news. No one wants to be on the receiving end of the bad news either. Many years ago I was very frustrated after a meeting. I asked a dear friend and mentored what I could do. He laughed and explained that the person in question always did that, didn’t I know that? I hadn’t known that. It got me thinking and searching for the reality of patterns of communication. I realized very quickly that the problem wasn’t the patterns within communication it was the resulting antipatterns.

Every force, every bit of energy created results on the opposite also be created. Knowing what your native communication energy is (Pattern) allows you to understand which energies will impact directly (anti-patterns). You see knowing what causes you frustration reduces the risk of that frustration. There are some patterns (over the years I have published 12-15 different partners) that people can have. Patterns all creative energy. That energy is consumed by the processor of the anti-pattern. But it is critical that you remember that you prepare for all the anti-patterns being in the room.

If you re ready for a project pirate to swoop in, jolly roger raised, taking your meeting in a new often not relevant direction; you may miss the Dancing Bears and their colored pens. You see while the pirate comes in and moves your meeting by force of will. The dancing bear stands in front of your meeting, and DOESN’T HEAR ANYTHING other than what they are putting on the whiteboard. The whisperer can suddenly take half your meeting in another direction, and you may not even hear them. It is the meeting organizers job to be aware of the human dynamics in any meeting room. Spend the time to know your audience!

(image is of a seismograph, but it could be a communication map. The ebbs and flows of communication are interesting!)


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