Future Tech – and a really interesting new search engine!

I was looking around my office this morning, trying to find a topic or focus on my tech blog today. I sometimes struggle, not writer’s block now I can move past that, more lots of topics which one do I choose. It is a problem of content rather than a problem of production. As a technologist, I often call myself a nomad, there are many things I am intrigued by and interested in. Today I am thinking about what is coming. I have in the past few years looked at 3d printing, 360-degree cameras, IR cameras, and Drones. I have posted information about ROV’s and talked about multi-media devices frequently. The future is always interesting, first, in that, you can guess incorrectly and secondly because it, the future, will always arrive!

The interesting reality of tomorrow is the expanding world of cameras. I have spent a lot of column space lately on the art of the possible. There are some interesting cameras that are “coming” including a UV plug-in the camera. Want to see the damage UV light is doing to your skin, well this is the camera for you. Voice translation is another area that is expanding. I’ve tried two (Pilot and Travis), and both are good. Dedicated hardware and the ability to do offline are the goals for both this technology. Offline, because when your e in a foreign country today, you will pay through the nose for data on your cellular phone, so having offline mode makes the technology more usable.

Another interesting change recently is that of search engines. I was an early user of Shodan. Shodan was a search engine designed to search for devices connected to the internet, and/also internet of things devices. A new search engine that I have to say is really interesting is Listen Notes. is the link, and honestly, it is quite interesting. The engine searches Podcasts on the net and provides you with a convenient search engine to use. I started playing with it today; the system is free. Overall it found my podcast quickly (search for DocAndersen) and delivered the page cleanly. I was very impressed both with the speed and the other interesting podcasts I’ve found so far. I don’t often review websites but Listen Note is a great tool for the tool belt!


What do you think?


Written by DocAndersen

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  1. What I want to see a camera app that comes with all the editing features like capability to put caption, borders, stuff like that…and uhm, maintaining a monitor list of your topics here in Virily would help balance your coverage. And can you please write something about how inconvenient it is to tick the waiver everytime we write a comment here ???

    • As far as the ticking the waiver box, that is something you are going to see more and more of not less of over the next couple of years. You will get used to it, eventually.

      Your camera app sound’s interesting.

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