Fun technology companies, and discount for YOU!

As a technologist, I am often asked to join Affiliate programs. I don’t often, in fact, I mostly only join the ones that produce products that I find beyond amazing. I share those with other people because as an affiliate they let me share a discount.

The first of said affiliate programs is the one for Raspberry Shake. Again, this is not a fresh fruit concoction that you can make in a blender. It is a home, school or hobbyist Seismograph. Something I would think based on the two earthquakes in the western US this week, many more people would be interested in having around. Plus with the newest version of their software, you can see what other hobbyists see from their seismographs. My code RSEND17 will get you a 10% discount but only for a short time!

The other affiliate program that I am a part of is with Logitech. Mostly because I use a number of their products and they offered me a chance to be an affiliate. Logitech has so many products now it is amazing. Frankly, I use quite a few of them. The only thing I don’t buy from Logitech anymore is headsets. That is where I use the Jabra products! Or you can go to their shop and use this code a8MjHM.

I have found that both of these companies are a blast to work with. I don’t often post these as part of my technology blog, but thought today would be a fun time to share these. Again, I am very careful about who I lend my name to, in part because of the pain that was Indiegogo. When I recommend a product or a company, I use the product mentioned. I also am very careful about not hyping products that don’t exist. I used to, but again the lesson learned from Indigogo was, don’t do that!


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