Frex android app Tutorial 01

Frex Android App Tutorial 01 is a short screenrecording of me using the Frex App to create a Fractal Art piece.

You must have an Android tablet or phone to be able to use this. Go to the Google App Store and install the Frex app by tapping the magnifying glass search field and type in “Frex”, it should find it in no time.

Once installed, open the app and follow along with me on this video.

You will have endless possibilities to play with, so be careful, you may just end up with an addiction to Fractals, just like me!

This is the original type of fractal that Benoit Mandelbrot discovered in the 1980’s while working at IBM, using calculations written by Gaston Julia over 200 years previously in his Mathematics lectures.

The only problem at that time was there were no computers to carry out the millions upon millions of calculations required to display a result, so Julia and his followers could only guess what the results would look like.

Fast forward to today and we can do these calculations on a whim and create stunning pieces of art and design.

Please let me know if you try your hand at this! Good hunting!

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