Four ways virtual reality is improving the health sector

Virtual Reality is very popular now a days as it is proven a game changer in many industry weather it is business, education or medical. Use of virtual reality in the medical sector is not brand new. Medical researchers have been exploring their ways to create 3D model of patient’s internal organs y using the virtual reality since early 90s. Now the doctors use the virtual reality to help them in training, diagnose and treat in myriad situations.

In this article we will discuss some major use of virtual reality in the medical field that how virtual reality participate in the medical field.

Pain Management

There is a good scientific approach that virtual reality can help release pain. The parts of the brain that are inter linked to the pain are less active when the patient is absorbed in virtual reality. In some cases this will help patients to tolerate the medical process that are usually very painful for them.

VR has been shown to reduce nervousness in cancer patients undertaking chemotherapy infusions. VR is even making injections and other painful terrifying procedures less painful to children. Burn patients may be some of the biggest receivers of virtual reality. From daily cleaning and dressing of burns to skin is one of the most painful procedures in medicine with expertise in the use of VR easily cause pain relief for them .

Physical therapy

Virtual reality is also a great addition to medical tech equipment as it can fairly easily track all the body parts and changes in the patients. Moreover, it also helps patients to heal and cure them with chronic diseases which are mostly difficult to fight out. However, with the help of virtual reality applications, patients can be easily cured while not effecting or causing them to consume tons of capsules and tablets.

Consider an example, where we can treat a broken arm with throwing a virtual ball towards the patients who needs to catch it. In person it would be very difficult for anyone to physically appear and play along with the patient. Also, doctors can heal patients with physical diseases such dislocated joint or any other. Gym and exercising in virtual environment is more fun and easy for patients rather than having to visit the gym or hospital every day.

Training doctors and nurses

Not just facilitating the medical field with patients but virtual reality is also making it fairly easy for medical students to learn through new ways of technology. In most modern learning methods for medical treatments, virtual reality is being applied and nurses and doctors are put into the real scenario to learn like they would be needed to practice in the real world environment. As the usage of virtual reality in the medical field is increasing day by day and in upcoming years it become the essential tool both for medical staff and students. Many rental organizations are now delivering the cheap and trustworthy  VR hire services in all over the world to different sectors. By using these services now people can easily manage their need regarding to VR equipment’s.

The trend is getting increasingly popular among the medical institutions and now virtual reality is aiding students to learn anatomy, conduct whole operation on the virtual reality.

Cure of phobias is easier with virtual reality

The biggest and most used way virtual reality is being applied in the medical field is for the cure of different kinds of fears and phobias among humans. Doctor use a special therapy called graded exposure therapy. In this kind of treatment the patient is exposed to his fear or phobia gradually. Virtual reality is a great way to introduce them to such fears and scenarios. Where it will keep interaction manifold, it will help cure the customers in a better way.


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